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By jona bryndis, May 16 2018 05:21PM

It is commonly understood that unresolved trauma can cause addiction, host immune dysfunctions, lead to disease and change our DNA. However, apart from low vibratory energies damaging our physical and mental health, the stored trauma memory in our energy system can also induce very low emotional states and attract havoc into our social lives.

Energetically trauma can be seen as a knotted up energetic system.

No matter what the cause of the trauma, if trauma remains in our energy system, we continue to operate from this energetic scar. We re-traumatize ourselves through intense reactions and thus create a large traumatic load that weighs us down energetically.

While there are therapies available to help our recovery from trauma, many do not address our energetic system or the more hidden past life or birth traumas. Energy work can facilitate the deeper aspects of our trauma and lighten our traumatic load we free up our energy to allow it to flow better in all areas of our lives.

By jona bryndis, Mar 21 2018 03:45PM

By jona bryndis, Dec 22 2017 10:54PM

Since 2012 the human collective is undergoing a massive transformation of old paradigms of power-, mind- and ego-mania. This dissolution of social, political and economical structures is currently displaying itself in a tragic comedy. What we see is the last outburst of exaggerated anger, hatred, violence, fear, degradation, truth-bending and socially dividing news and politics.

By jona bryndis, Oct 13 2017 12:28PM

Weekly Energy Report for Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons


13th - 19th October 2017

WEEK 42 - Courage Needed - No More Half-A** !




By jona bryndis, Jul 1 2017 05:10PM

Many of us experience the pressing feeling of not ‘belonging’ into our families or where we originated. In our attempt to break free or rebel against family structures we often struggle with lifelong family and relationship issues, which are very often interconnected. Depending on our karmic set-up, family constellation and childhood experiences these inner and outer conflicts can have a very important purpose, namely to free ourselves from karmic binds and to create optimal circumstances for healing our deeper aspects – if we can recognize their connection!

There is recent scientific evidence (keyword Epigenetics) that shows how trauma can be genetically inherited to future generations (click here to read a sample study) . This groundbreaking new understanding of how our lives are not just influenced by what we have consciously experienced, but also by the pain and suffering our ancestors have experienced leads us to whole different view on our personal journey.

In Energy Work we have been observing this correation all along. The active and conscious self-healing path always leads to inherited karmic family aspects - in fact, I cannot recall a single energy field without karmic attachments. However, this doesn't mean we are doomed the relive our ancestor's lives, on the contrary! Let's explore how our journey influenced by energies from previous generations and how we can transcend those:

By jona bryndis, Jul 30 2016 04:00AM

One of the most common and strongest energetic ties leading to inner fragmentation and energetic blockage we have to face on our journey is the energy bind to our upbringing and how it influenced our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development as well as our manifestation ability. They determine large parts of our predisposition and often play a key role in Shadow-Work. Without resolving or at least acknowledging our Inner Child and Karmic Family aspects it can be very difficult to overcome our core programs and patterns in life.

By reconnecting to our inner child aspect(s) we can begin to have a dialogue with the hidden parts of ourselves to learn what it is we need to grow, heal and change in our lives. The Inner Child is not something to fear or be ignored. It is an integral part of us coming forward to teach us what we need to become more congruent, be more whole, and to have a deeper connection to our lives, our own divine nature, and ourselves.

By jona bryndis, Feb 12 2016 06:35AM

Part of our current theme is the physical integration of our higher purpose, so the fact that we keep revisiting aspects we thought we had already transcended is nothing that should alarm or frustrate you. On the contrary: All the things that you have been going through since 2012 served the purpose of rebirthing and transforming, with to goal to guide you back to our original and personal remembrance of who you truly are.

Each and every inner contemplation, meditation or any other modality to reach an inward perspective illuminates a different angle of our connection with our core essence. With each session and introspection we are triangulating and dissolving the very things that are in the way of fully recalling and identifying with our initial commitment to embark on this journey into the physical plane.

'Progress' is subjective and while our Critical Inner Voice may tell us that we are doomed to fail or that we are not good enough to attract Love, Wealth and Health into our lives, most of you have been very busy with their inner transformation.

If you look back, maybe 3 or 5 or 10 years past, all these dissonant aspects (shadow, inner child, karma and even how you perceive your physical) have drastically evolved! Just because you get to see them in a new light does not mean that you haven’t progressed! It simply means that you are now becoming capable of seeing the deeper connections.

By jona bryndis, Feb 4 2016 06:22AM

by Jeff Casper

Click here to read the article at selfunification.com

transCODES is hosting another very transformative intensive this Friday and Saturday. On Friday, 5th Feburary 2016 @ 10pm MST we will begin the Intensive with the guided Inner Child transMISSION and continue our consciousness work on Saturday, 6th February @ 1pm MST with the Karmic Family Clearing transMISSION. Both remote energy transMISSIONS are guided energy process spoken and facilitated by Jona Bryndis and Jeff Casper.

Inner Child Work

The inner child is simply a term utilized for any hidden or traumatized younger version of ourselves that holds us back or keeps part of our inner power at bay. And, these aspects or parts of us will come forward with any dedication to the spiritual or psychological paths.

Of course, it is not actually the younger part of us itself that limits us, but more so the coping mechanisms created and the emotional pain associated with them that limit or hinder our growth. These patterns and mechanism, as well as the pain associated, can really only can be understood and healed by reconnecting with these younger versions of ourselves and allowing them to help us work to accept and integrate all that is holding us back.

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