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By jona bryndis, Nov 13 2017 03:39AM

Reconnect, Relate, Reignite, Heal and Become Real - TOGETHER!

Our relationship provides a unique opportunity for spiritual, emotional and mental growth and even healing. But sometimes there is a point in our journey when we are not sure if our relationship is compatible with our insights, needs and visions. We've changed. We've developed a new understanding of connectedness, love and intimacy, but we don't know how to express this in a loving and compassionate way; we don't know how to integrate our newly developed our individual awareness into our marriage and how to apply new ways to our relationship life. When we arrive at this point we are often confronted with seemingly overwhelming impasses...

How can we open up our relationship so it's not lagging behind - so we can grow together?

How can we learn to become a better relationship partner and maintain our individual integrity?

How do we address our higher goals with our partner?

How can we reconnect on a deeper level and develop a more fulfilling intimacy together?

How to realign to our True Love?

How can we add joy and playfulness while learning how to communicate our most intimate aspects of our personal journey?

How can we initiate a new beginning as two liberated True Selves rather than two conflicting Ego-Selves?

By jona bryndis, Oct 31 2017 07:00AM

In recent years, we have observed an alarming connection between addiction and energetic sensitivity, highly sensitive persons and empaths. The amount of addictive or co-addictive patterns amongst us is extremely high, and often also very challenging to recover, as the underlying need to connect and heal is so strong, that it often expresses in the less obvious form of co-dependency. Co-dependency may not exactly show as obvious addiction, because it hides more in what we don’t do, such enabling, and the inability to feel and maintain healthy boundaries.

For centuries we have been conditioned to believe that addictive behaviors are weak, unacceptable and sinful. We regard our coping behaviors as 'temptation of the flesh', which condemned addiction as irreconcilable shadow part of our human existence. Most of us judge addiction in others, but what about our hidden addictions, that makes us look ‘good’ in other people’s eyes? What about our obsessive self-berating, perfectionism, mental looping, victimhood, spiritual specialness, power-tripping or emotional manipulation? Have you ever considered these behaviors as addictive?

By jona bryndis, Oct 29 2017 04:08PM

This is just a quick notice that we have two spots availble for our 90-Day Heart Warrior Boot Camp starting 1st November 2017 (through December and January). If you are interested in this intense 'personal energy training' program - now is a good time! We can only take on new Heart-Warriors once other complete their training.

In previous writings about the Heart-Warrior Program we have pointed out the details of this cutting edge combination of energy work, shamanism and classic coaching and how it can provide a groundbreaking transformative experience for every participant. By learning how to reconnect with ones self physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually it not only shows us new ways of contextualizing the deeper meaning of our life's journey, but also teaches us valuable integrative self-mastery skills; be it how to better communicate, negotiate, manifest or express our true potential.

Read here: Heart-Warriors Wanted

By jona bryndis, Sep 5 2017 04:18AM

Some of you may be happy to hear that One last minute spot for our 9-12 months Professional Remote Energy Clearing transCOACH LEVEL IV Class starting September 2017 has opened up. It will availble for sign-up for a few days. until filled.

Sign-up for last spot is live now.

What does a Professional Energy Clearer do?

Energy Clearings are geared towards helping others to feel empowered to make the life-style changes that are needed for permanent healing. The Professional Remote Clearing transCOACH training allows you to see a person with their deepest energetic aspects. It enables you to learn how to perform remote energy healings and will teach you how to utilize this modality with your own clients.

Adding an Energetic Clearing to your services can become a strong base for foundational work with and teach your clients how to engage into their own healing process of ailments, that are typically difficult to address with classic coaching, counseling or healing work. In addition to the deeper healing aspect, the learned techniques and understanding of what it takes to aid a person in clearing their energetic system can lead to a much stronger retension and self-responsibility. You will learn how to coach reframing deep-seated inner blocks and how to positively involve a person in their self-healing process.

Anyone interested in deeper healing work how to identify, remove and communicate root problems and deep-seated energetic blocks through this unique combination of energetic field work and directive energetic clearing techniques. Each trainee enrolled will to become effective at reading, working with, and clearing an individuals' energetic field.

By jona bryndis, Aug 25 2017 02:17AM

Update: We have only 5 Spots available for our only live workshop in 2017!

20th-22nd September 2017, in Evergreeen, Colorado (USA)

This intense live energy training workshop will take you through the different layers of adjusting to higher vibrational being and living. Learn from jona and jeff how to integrate faster levels of energy in your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric body.

The workshop includes live training, energy sessions, and 1-on-1 exercises.

By jona bryndis, Jul 23 2017 01:41AM

This is a brief message to all interested in our Heart-Warrior Program. We have 1 Spot that opened up for the 90-day boot camp starting 1st August 2017 (first session 4th August).

As you all know, we had to close down sign-ups as we are fully booked. This spot is now the only way for new Heart Warriors to join the program. Please inquire by email or sign up directly - we will take down the link once the spot is gone.

For more general info on our heart-warrior program read more here or check the Heart Warrior page.

By jona bryndis, Jun 4 2017 09:00AM

Collective Karma can be a bit difficult to understand - but if we want to learn ways to outvibrate the Global Shadow clearing that coming our way, we need to let go of our rigid opinions and beliefs. Try to understand the expression of our Human Collective Group Karma as our tendency to violence, terror, war, fear, pain, and survival aspects. The current global collape of cultural, racial, religious, economical and political power structures allows us to release our collective shadow, and therefore represents the inevitable healing task for us as collective.

What we are experiencing is the cleansing of karmic debt on a collective level - of humanity itself - as a result of incremental vibrational increase of consciousness since 2012. (Click on link to read more about collective energies and karma.)

In order to get through this predicted three year period of correctional collective clearing it is of utmost importance to understand the deeper meaning of having to go through geopolitical and planetary changes, and how they are linked to our personal struggles.

By jona bryndis, May 13 2017 08:28PM

Due to the unexpected success of our ongoing Heart-Warrior 1-on-1 Personal Energy Training Program we are now reaching a point where we have to slow down taking on new Heart-Warriors. As most of you know, this training is done by Jeff and I personally, and we are simply running out of available time.

The last opportunity to sign up will be for the Boot-Camp training starting 1st June 2017.

As each trainee recevies the opportunity to continue their training, which most have chosen to do, we will reach our limit after new trainees enter the 90-Day Training program in June.

Click here to get more info about our Heart-Warrior Program

The last remaining spots for June, July and August will go fast, so if you have been thinking about joining our Heart-Warrior Training, don't hesitate! We are not sure when we will be able to take on new trainees yet - most likely not before the end of the year....so, right now is a good time for kick-starting or reigniting your personal transformation journey! Click here for sign-up info.

By jona bryndis, Apr 30 2017 08:34PM

The Heart-Warrior Program is a powerful agent of change that has aided numerous people in going to that next level of understanding, feeling and connection. It isn’t for everyone as the time requirement and commitment is fairly strong, but you won’t find a more effective 90-day course out there for tremendous personal growth.

The discipline needed to follow the remote energy transmissions, the coaching sessions, to learn energy work and protection techniques requires the willingness to open up and share about their inner sensations, frustrations, limitations and emotional concerns. This is a challenge no question, and through the work here are just some of the developments that are occurring for those who join in…

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