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By jona bryndis, May 12 2018 07:00AM

One of the most popular energy healing modalities offered here at transCODES is Emotional Integration with our GRACE Integrity® remote energy sessions (group or private). Working with the various Grace Cycles aid those on the spiritual path by aligning to and practicing connection work through multiple layers and aspects of our journey (Soul Integrity, Manifestation, Mental-Heart Fusion, and more…)

The high vibrational resonance of this highly effective self-healing modality is the alignement to the frequency of 'GRACE'. While this word can remind some of us on religious teachings, the spiritual purity of this resonance has nothing to do with religion.

Grace is an energy that is linked directly to the heart and unconditional love.

By jona bryndis, Apr 21 2018 12:31AM

Again, I would like to critically comment on a frequent observation in my energy work practice. I will get straight to the point: There seems to be a common misconception in the new age/esoteric/spiritual scene that the purpose of the spiritual journey is to transcend the body and ‘lower’ emotions by ignoring them and solely focusing on our 'higher' Charkas and ‘ascension’.

With this belief emotions are regarded as part of our lower animalistic nature and often compartmentalized or heavily judged. It can lead to an inner fragmentation and quite frankly, often accomplishes the opposite of ascension: it keeps us tied to our unresolved/unhealed aspects and therefore often blocks our journey at the very structural foundation of our energy system!

By jona bryndis, Oct 1 2017 04:13PM

Weekly Energy Reports for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People


28th September - 5th October 2017

WEEK 40 - The Third Option - Let This Wave Go Through You!


Still going on as of 29th September 2017

By jona bryndis, Sep 28 2017 07:50AM

Weekly Energy Report for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People




By jona bryndis, Aug 21 2017 06:20PM

Each month we hold a three day, nine transmission (remote energy sessions) marathon event that focuses on one of the Grace Modalities offered through Transcodes and SelfUnificaiton, and these events are one of the most transformative experiences that we offer.

This intensive work is a form of exposure therapy to heart-level energies, where tremendous insight and compassion are not only experienced, but also anchored into a person's system in a way that old patterns can lose tremendous ground and new ways unveiled.

The power within these events is the repetition, which in itself slowly breaks down the resistance we all have within to connecting, accepting, integrating and healing. The event not only incorporates energy work, but also multiple flash reports and daily summaries to aid in reframing and challenging what comes up during the work.

By jona bryndis, Apr 6 2017 05:00PM

Sudden irrational fear, sadness, anxiety or anger are amongst the most typical signs of inner change – but why do these emotions overwhelm us right when we are ready to move forward? Why is it so hard to outvibrate growing negativity?

Awakening to our deeper spiritual connection is undoubtedly a big theme in these times of uncertainty. We can't change the world, but we can change the way we see and deal with it! However, many of us who are discovering their energetic and ampathetic abilities also begin to feel the disadvantage of our sensitivity. The more aware we become of outer negitivity, the harder it get's to not absorb other people's fears or anger - and to NOT see the world/others as a hostile place.

What in us gives our emotions the power to wear us out, distract us from our inner goals, disrupt our inner connection and drain our energy to the point were we feel giving-up or giving-in is the only solution?

Why do so many of us feel we want to isolate ourselves?

How can we learn to better handle this spiritual emergence without letting it turn into a Spiritual Emergency?

These and similar questions are reaching me almost daily in my blog and forum community for energetically sensitives, consciousness seekers and empaths. The answer is complex, as it involves several layers of our emerging consciousness. Follow me here in this (rather long) investigation about how to better deal with our Spiritual Emergence...

By jona bryndis, Dec 24 2016 05:00PM

Once again we are nearing year's end, which for many of us, is the most joyous and love filled period of the year, with a more defined focus toward family and loved ones, reflection and gratitude for the experience of this life, and excitement for where our path may lead us in the upcoming year.

So, for a lot of us, this time also brings a heightened sense of anticipation and the demands of preparation for one or more of a number of holidays that will celebrated by many throughout the world. Even though we may look forward to and truly enjoy these holidays, the stressors that we may encounter, whether they be related to our family dynamics, ours or other's expectations, additional financial burden, or extra emotional expression (perceived as positive or negative) for example, can have a significant impact on us personally and weaken our energetic immune system. Even if we are well practiced at maintaining congruency and balance, the constant force of the collective during this time is something we would do well to stay aware of.

It is a common phenomenon that Energetically Sensitive People and people in Recovery perceive this time as bombarding and rather challenging - after all, half the world is in a state of energetic uproar. However, there are other ways to deal with this time than locking ourselves up or feeling anxious...

By jona bryndis, Aug 13 2016 07:00PM

Detaching from Mind and Emotion is widely known as important discipline on our journey of consciousness development, energetic perception, manifestation and etheric protection. However, the deeper meaning of experiencing our own consciousness can only be experienced if we can learn to become comfortable with the absence of constant thinking and emotionality without dissociating or shutting down our life, relationships or physicality.

This is one of the trickier aspects of our journey; and everyone who has tried to enter this realm before knows how challenging it can be, as it forces us to face our ego’s mental and emotional distraction and illusion mechanisms. In order to experience our consciousness it’s obvious that we have to learn how to silence our ego-mind first, but the first question that comes up is how we can know the difference between our ego, mind and consciousness.

Our Consciousness is like the blue screen of our Soul – the energetic backdrop or context of who we truly are. It has no affiliation with the content of our mind or emotions.

“If it wasn’t for our consciousness we wouldn’t be able to observe our thoughts or emotions” (Dr. D. R. Hawkins).

By jona bryndis, Aug 3 2016 09:12PM

Are you getting tired of persistent relationship patterns (be it with family, friends or partners), ongoing emotional games, feeling rejected, disappointed or heartbroken? Good! Growing tired of our repetitive emotionality and sabotaging coping patterns is the first step to liberating ourselves from our emotional binds. Emotional Maturity is the ability to reconcile with to how we express ourselves (or not) and the courage to evolve past our conditioned reactivity - and it manifests in our ability to love ourselves regardless of our shortcomings.

The hardest part to overcoming unconscious patterns is that they are often hidden to us. Even if our behavior is dysfunctional or outright destructive we are often not able to see this. We continue with our familiar patterns and cycles because we believe that what we have (or not), whom we are with (or not), where we are at (or not) is safe. However, deep down we know that there is a self-destruct in everything in our life that is not authentic or true.

And so we feel a deep inner fragmentation of the part of us the sees our own limitations and wants to change them - the part of us that wants to blame everything onto others and the part of us that just keeps reacting without us being able to stop it.

How can we become more authentic and stronger in our inner connection and the knowing who we truly are? How can reconcile our inner contradictions and become more spiritually and emotionally mature?

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