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Self-Mastery through Dealing with Awakening Inner Perception

By jona bryndis, Feb 3 2016 11:00PM

Heightened Inner Perception or being an empath, consciously chosen or not, can be very overwhelming at times. Without proper understanding and guidance on how to deal with our new levels of energetic sensitivity we can easily get lost in the abyss of self-doubt and total confusion. As we begin to seek self-mastery and inner connection through meditation, contemplation or deeper inner consciousness work we begin to encounter a new intensity of inner sensations – and to our surprise - they are not all ‘pretty’...

Lucid dreaming, weird visions, the feeling of being attacked, and an overall intensification of discomforting physical and energetic sensations in daily situations are typical signs that you energy system is beginning to wake up to your consciousness; that the veil between your ‘real’ and dream world is becoming less and less dense. In other words: You are Awakening.

Spiritual Emergence or Emergency?

While this global phenomenon of spiritual emergence and the associated states of energetic hyper-sensitivity, mystical experiences and unexplainable physical sensations is old news in spiritual and new-age circles, mainstream psychology and psychiatry still misdiagnoses psychospiritual crisis or spiritual emergencies as psychotic or pathological episode.

While the sudden emergence of such sensations and perceptions can indeed lead to a personal emergency, a big contributing factor in my view is the lack of a socially accepted platform or rite of passage to explore the boundaries of our higher consciousness without being labled with a mental illness or regarded as a social fringe-dweller. Where do we turn if we are going through our spiritual emergence/y and don't want/choose to be part of organized religion or new-age esoterism?

In my experience as energy coach and healer, educational and heart-based consciousness work, preferrably involving exchange with like-minded and awakening people, can provide a safe environment and healthy bridge between spirituality, metaphysics, and transpersonal psychology. During this extremely transformational and often volatile process new ways to connect within and to process our experienced are needed. In order to 'normalize' and articulate our individuated actualization of an awakened soul in a body we need to develop intergative self-mastery skills, that allow us to contextualize our spiritual experiences as an integral part of our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic health.

So, let's begin with looking at the flip-side of our heightened energetic perception and talk about what happens in us when we have these sensations and why it's so difficult to deal with our natural evolvement of energtic sensitivity!

The Flip-Side of Heightened Energetic Perception

Often our initial experiences with meditation or vision quests showed us glimpses of possible levels of inner peace and connection, which motivated us to go deeper - but only to find out that we were not fully prepared to deal with the flip-side of our higher perception. While some of these experiences were mind-blowingly beautiful, precognitive and sometimes extremely blissful, unlocking our inner perception can also open up our channels for the perception of a darkness never before experienced. While allowing our consciousness to expand, our inner worlds begin to feel very real; so real, that some of our experiences during meditating or lucid-dreaming can not only be unsettling and sometimes even frightening.

Depending on our predisposition for visioning and levels of energetic sensitivity, allowing our conditioned mind and emotion to become silent and setting out to explore the deeper aspects of our inner world opens up everything, not just the things we are willing to see! What happens is that you are beginning to experience the world the way it truly is - without your mind filtering, your emotions distorting and your body running away from it.

Through our mind’s eye of heightened perception, our entire energy body including everything we have ever felt, thought, done and suppressed takes on form.

Awakening means to wake up to the new reality of inner truth, and this includes all parts of us, especially those that we haven’t been ready to face yet. If we have yet to discover that our spiritual and self-mastery journey and is tightly linked to our ability to love ourselves with an open heart, the awakening process can be somewhat rough. Therefore, the notion that the awakening of our higher consciousness is 'becoming all spiritual' through mentally deciding that we are all Love and wanting to experience flowing waterfalls, angel beings and magical unicorns is not only unrealistic, but right out dangerous!

What makes this awakening of our higher perception so scary is just not the fact that we are beginning to see our inner reality, but we don’t know how to handle being real with ourselves.

Dealing with Heightened Energetic Perception

If you are amongst the rapidly growing number of people who have trouble finding deep sleep at nights; are plagued with unexplainable headaches, uncomfortable twitches or feel like they have been run over by a truck upon waking up, chances are your energetic sensitivity is kicking in, whether you like or not. (Click here for a list of common energetic sensations and basic energy work terminology)

For the unexperienced person experiencing energetic sensations can cause deep feelings of confusion and insecurity within. Apart from already feeling that we don’t fit in, experiencing the dark side of our inner world is often regarded as mentally/emotionally instable and labeled as something that 'needs to be fixed'. This adds to our insecurity - and worst of all prevents us from talking about ‘these inner things’, so that we could discover that we are not the only ones!

So, instead of shutting down our inner perception and with it our only chance to evolve out of our collective human shadow, we need to learn how to integrate these deeper aspects of ourselves through internalizing the power of our higher consciousness! This is how our spiritual maturity is develops. We need to stop looking outside for solutions, own our energies and inner unresolved aspects and understand that this is a normal part of our awakening process! We need to learn new ways of managing our personal energy, open our heart for new experiences and seek people who understand this transformative process!

Without becoming aware of the deeper aspects of our consciousness and with it our inner higher power, self-mastery is not possible!

Dealing with Inner Darkness

Without proper contextualization of what we are experiencing and the willingness to honestly reflect inwardly, our encounters with expanding inner visioning can be frustrating and even traumatizing. The biggest mistake in my view, is to stop our inner journey because we are confronted with fear. The reason why we are suddenly seeing our dark side is so it can be healed. And typically the fact that we are seeing it means that we are ready to integrate it!

Inner darkness is nothing but the unlocking process of developed ego coping strategies to handle our inner reality better. The most common coping strategies however often entail escaping, pretending, distracting, fantasizing, controlling, attacking or hiding. Therefore the problem with not wanting to or being afraid of looking at our inner world becomes exactly what is blocking our inner connection and with it the deeper insights of the purpose and meaning of our awakening process.

The range of scary energetic perceptions of inner and outer darkness is unlimited: Inappropriate sexual encounters during sleep, nightmarish or graphic scenes, intense fear, paralysis, Alien abduction, waves of physical pain or sickness, as well as mindwipes and obsessive mental looping, just to name a few. As a result many beginning meditators unconsciously shut down their Third Eye perception or worse, begin to escape into made-up magical worlds to allow them to escape from their inner reality. Needless to say that this has very little to do with spiritual enlightenment.

What most don’t know and psychology often fails to recognize, is that not dealing with the emerging development of inner vision and energetic sensitivity can have a multitude of unexpected side-effects.

Suppressing our Energetic Perception out of Fear

The collective increase in vibrational frequency makes many of us feel more and more energetically sensitive, but not only to our inner but also outer energies. Once the inner door of heightened perception is opened our dreams become real and our psychology changes. Suppressing our inner vision is not healthy. It’s not just our perception that dystrophies but also our consciousness. If we shut down our energetic perception we are basically sending out the message that we don’t want to evolve, which can cause an even bigger fragmentation of mind and emotions!

Whether or not we like our energetic sensitivity or chose to deal with it, energetic exchange and a reaction to underlying triggers are still fully intact. Energetic dynamics influence our body, mind, emotions, heart and soul, whether we are aware of it or not! The only thing that changes when we allow and develop our heightened perception is that we begin to see it and understand for ourselves!

In context with a growing desire for spiritual evolvement, blocking our inner vision out of fear can therefore cause the very opposite of spiritual evolution – if not a devolution. Energetically seen, the suppression of energetic perception can cause inner imbalances, create chronic or acute diseases and can amplify inner schisms between mind, emotion, spirit and heart – and therefore further increase anxiety, depression and other common mental-emotional imbalances. It can manifest holes, blocks and attachments in our etheric field, and lead to an increased absorption or susceptibility of outer energies, which can more easily penetrate our personal energy field when it’s fragmented.

Energy Work teaches us how to deal with our inner perception instead of denying it. This doesn’t mean that we all have to become healers to get through our inner transformation process, but learning the basic ABC’s of Energetic Perception helps to contextualize our experiences and makes it easier for us to accept and work with them.

Collective Influences & Ego Traps

It is no coincidence that openly consuming alcohol, marijuana, painkillers, antidepressants and other drugs to shut down our perception is more socially accepted than openly communicating deeper inner experiences. Understand that it's not you, who is going crazy or dark, but our collective!

The missing link here is the education of how to navigate through our both worlds. More than half a century ago Dr. Carl Jung began to revolutionize psychotherapy by creating a new branch of research beginning to map of our consciousness. Many scientists and therapists have followed since then, yet the public opinion about our inner experiences is still unaccepting and rejecting of the mystical reality and especially the dark side of our energetic perception.

Despite the huge amount of information available about spiritual awakening and its profound meaning for our collective, the truth about the layers of our deeper Self are barely ever revealed and often transfigured or even straight out covered with lies that serve to trap our ego. It has become very difficult, if not impossible to filter the 1% truth from the molasses of collective spiritual shallowness and specialness. As the internet has become overcrowded with dippy spirituality, money-driven religious dogma, mental-control schemes and even straight out black magic power tripping memes, it takes a trained perception, disciplined ego and strong heart-connection to weed through the collective BS-bombardment.

In our transition phase of inner awakening we are very vulnerable. The exposure to dangerously increasing levels collective negativity right now makes it even worse. This is why the open-minded spiritual seeker needs to learn to DISCERN information from the heart. Discernment cannot come from our mind or ego. When dealing with heightened perception and energetic sensitivity only our inner alignment to truth and the willingness to love ourselves with all our parts can help us to find our way through the fire baptism of our awakening higher consciousness!

Part of the reason why it remains so difficult to navigate through our inner experiences, especially the darker ones, is because nobody wants to know the truth about it - everybody is too busy covering up his or her own pain, fear, anger or darkness!

Decoupling from Collective Fear & Pain

Assume that the majority of your environment is not interested in true perception or enlightenment for that matter! With increasing memes of global fear and anger, the collective human shadow is spreading like a virus. The easiest way to realize that the overall consciousness level is declining is to watch our society’s suppression of inner darkness being channeled through the entertainment industry and social media. Slowly but surely we are allowing our perception to be desensitized by outrageous graphic details, promotion of violence, artificially produced emotional terror, and derogatory sexual content in movies, video games and even sports and news.

If you want to contextualize your inner darkness, understand that what you see in our media is nothing but the unhealthy collective exhaust for holding in our hidden inner experiences instead of learning how to deal with it!

The fear of processing your inner darkness is actually what's promoting and feeding it!

All you need to deal with your personal process of beginning to see truth is the shift from you mind to your heart, the resolve to claim your inner sovereignty, the courage to explore and the willingness to step out of the collective human shadow (and perhaps a little guidance from people who already went through parts of this). With these tools in your pocket you will soon discover that facing inner darkness, having weird dreams and strange energetic sensations are nothing but promptings from your Higher Consciousness helping you to understand and master your life’s experience.

Thank you for your time!

Much Love,

Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach and Founder of transCODES


transCODES offers a service and online community platform for everyone interested in exploring his or her deeper aspects of heightened energetic perception, self-awareness and self-healing. Trained energy workers provide hands-on guidance and energy coaching and healing services for energetically sensitive persons and anyone who feels prompted to engage in active consciousness work and integrative self-mastery. All services offered through transCODES are educational in nature, non-religious and not bound to any specific teaching or methodology. Read more about dealing with energetic sensitivity and how to integrate it into your practical life by subscribing to our Blog.

In our Sacred Self-Healing Program we complied a self-training course in 24 Steps, which allows the participant to learn about the different layers of inner perception and experiences through coded daily mediations, interactive forum, online meetings and a comprehensive workbook with 250 + pages of reading material and exercises to increase inner heart based connection and inner navigation. Email me if you have questions: jona@transCODES.com

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