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3rd-9th November 2018 Energy Update (Week 45): LIFE FORCE RISING

By elecia, Nov 1 2018 10:00AM

Energy Update

3rd-9th November 2018

Week 45

By jona bryndis, November 1 2018

Watch The Video For Week 45 here

Collective Energies


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Dear All,

I hope you are enjoying the BOOST of energy at the moment. Some of us are dealing with RELEASE issues through throat, nose/lungs or digestive system - DRINK LOTS OF WATER and ask your body what it needs! Foods and teas can be very supportive this week!

If you would like to read more about HEALTHY CHOICES FOR EMPATHS to this link for a series of articles called HIGH VIBRATORY CHOICES or read further in EMPATH LIVING.

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Much Love,


If you would like to know how this translates into the different areas of our EMPATH LIFE and what you can do to better manage your energy see our PATREON CHANNEL for preferred content.

Have a great week!



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ENERGETIC SELF-MASTERY CLASS, Healing Strategies for Overcoming DESIRE & ADDICTION ISSUES, Saturday 3rd November 2018 1-2.30PM (EDT) - Sign Up Info Here

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