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13th-19th July 2018 Energy Updates Week 29: TRUTH HITTING THE FAN

By elecia, Jul 12 2018 05:00AM

Energy Updates

13th-19th July 2018

Week 29

By jona bryndis, July 14 2018

Watch The Video For Week 29 here

Collective Energies


-Truth Is Hitting The Fan

Dear All,

I hope you are doing okay. Please feel free to share or ask in the Youtube comment section! Everyone benefits for hearing how others are doing!

The intensity of Collective Energies affecting us is not significantly slowing down next week. But, please do not see the barometer as pessimism, on the contrary! The energy tips in response to current collective energies can give us guidance or reminders on what to focus on each week.

Next week will most likely feel a little lighter, yet not less challenging. The main correction energies are BALANCE and the needed PRAGMATISM. We will be 'forced' into implementing changes, especially when we are already aware of our patterns. Without this willingness we will feel very much in RESISTANCE. Avoid extremes, positionalities and black & white thinking. Only what makes you feel stronger, more connected, loved and safe can be conducive for the NEW LEVEL OF TRUTH coming in!

Please watch this week's video where I am explaining the incoming energies of next week. (please also watch July 2018 Energy Forecast below).

Hope to see you for the live stream next week! Click here to get to the live Energy Update for 20st-26th July 2018 on Thursday at 2PM! MDT/4PM EST

Wishing all the best!



Here the Energy Tips for Week 29 in a nutshell (watch video for more info):

Affected Energy Centers This Week:

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Click here to watch Video Week 29

Crypto Energies

Truth About Unpredictability

Keywords Week 29:

Crypto Conspiracy?

Not investing more than you can afford

Eclipse Season

Signals Clear - Manipulation coming to an End - Longterm Vision

Institutional Money/ETF CBOE 6/36 Ease Approval Notice/Crypto Custody Coinbase/Binance Encouraging Hodling

Integrity Testing:


(Token 1) TEZOS

(Token 2) DIGIBYTE


(Token 4) CARDANO

(Wallet) ABRA (Wallet/Exchange)

(Celebrity) Charles Hoskinson


Memes: DODL/HODL (2nd), JOMO (4th), FIFO (6th/7th)

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Crypto Integrity Tests

Week 29:

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